Nestle Health Offensive - Real or Propaganda Farce

Will Nestle offer healthier food? What is the Nestlé Health Offensive? I visited Nestlé outside of Lausanne, Switzerland back when I lived in Germany and sold Business Intelligence Projects. It is a very impressive laboratory. Probably the most famous products are "Crunch" and "Kit Kat". Nestlé also owns dozens of frozen foods brands. The largest […]

Food Industry Exposed - Kellogg's Special K Diet

Kellogg's Special K Diet-What A Lie You’ve probably heard of the Kellogg’s Special K Diet, better known as "The Special K Challenge". Special K is a favorite brand of cereal for many people. Especially people who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle and want to lose weight love the brand. One would assume that […]

Buy a tongue cleaner

Improve Your Health Today Buy a tongue cleaner? But, I already brush, floss, and gargle with mouthwash twice a day, isn’t that enough? Well, to be honest, no, it isn’t. Many people forget about the tongue when they perform their daily oral care and they shouldn’t. The tongue occupies half of our mouth space. It […]

Painful facts - Dangers of MSG's

The Dangers Of MSG’s  The dangers of MSG's are still being underestimated. MSG or mono sodium glutamate is often used in canned vegetables, soups, Chinese food, and processed meats as a flavor enhancer.      It has been the under much scrutiny lately as people are fearing the dangers of MSG’s and the health concerns related to the […]

Shocking truth about toxic chemicals in household cleaners

A health hazard exposed 10 Gallons of toxic household cleaners per year   10 gallons is the amount an average American household is using to keep their home clean. The term "green" is being misused by marketing departments of companies producing those toxic cleaners and means nothing, really.  "Natural" does not automatically mean safe - […]

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